Celebrity Home Flippers Team Up with Terrazzo Tiles Supplier in Sparkling Collaboration

The hosts of Flip or Flop, HGTV’s popular property TV show, recently partnered with Trend Transformations to bring out a new range of glittering terrazzo tiles. The two parties, both influential in the interior design world, have collaborated on a unique “Diamond Collection.”

The Collaborators

Terrazzo tiles suppliers, Trend Transformations, are known within in the industry for quality workmanship and original design. Christina and Tarek El Moussa, the hosts of Flip or Flop, have gained many home renovators’ trust with their eye for style and elegance. The partnership between the tile suppliers and the designers makes a lot of sense and has been received well. The El Moussas now intend to use the Diamond Collection of terrazzo tiles in all the homes that they flip.

Creating the Tiles

Christina and Tarek have traveled far and wide in the course of their careers, as have the terrazzo tiles suppliers. After some brainstorming, it was clear to all that Italy would be the source of Trend Transformations’ newest creation – the stylish European country supplies a unique material known as Metallic Quartz, which shimmers in a particularly eye-catching way. The partnership was able to source the material in four colors.

The Collection

The signature sparkle of the Diamond Collection is the envy of terrazzo tiles suppliers in this country, especially as Christina and Tarek were able to work with Trend Transformations to include three glass mosaic options – harking back to a classical era, and appealing to home designers who are after an old-world touch of elegance.

How Should the Tiles Be Used?

The tiles work best in homes that are being designed with subtle class – the sparkles are noticeable but not gaudy. Designers have noted that the Diamond Collection works in both feminine and masculine environments, as the strong colors can be used to complement the elegant furniture of a dining room or the powerful design of an executive office.

Trend Group have manufactured terrazzo floor tile for well over a decade and have garnered a reputation for beauty, durability, and versatility. The company relies on the timeless look of terrazzo tile to appeal to a large customer base.

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