Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Using Storage Services in York PA

When putting things in storage, it can be very tempting to simply stuff everything in there without a second thought. However, taking the time and effort to avoid mistakes can ensure damage-free belongings and a less stressful experience. Below are some of the biggest errors people make when choosing storage services in York, PA.

Forgetting the Insurance

Self-storage facilities typically have tenants sign paperwork that absolves the facility of responsibility for stolen, lost, and damaged items. While renters’ and homeowners’ insurance policies offer some coverage for stored items, there are limits on what’s paid for. Talk to the insurer about umbrella coverage or ask the facility manager about storage insurance.

Wrapping Belongings in Newspaper

While newspaper is thought of as a good packing and cushioning material, it can get ink and stains all over delicate items. It’s better to use ink-free paper or bubble wrap to save items from ink smudges and damage.

Storing Food

Storing edibles, even dry goods, can attract rodents, insects and other pests. Before moving, find a way to donate, preserve, or dispose of food items. This simple step will save stored items from pest infestation and damage.

Not Allowing Enough Time

The easiest way to ensure a frustrating move is to leave the storage unit in disarray. If a customer waits until the last minute to pack and store belongings, they’re more likely to damage something or injure themselves. It’s better to plan moving day in advance; leave plenty of time to get things organized, and hire a moving crew to do the heavy lifting.

Not Labeling Boxes

Digging through a storage unit stuffed with unlabeled containers is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Labeling boxes make it easier to find necessary items, and it may help to keep a checklist of what’s inside the unit. With proper labeling and organization, customers can get the most out of storage services in York, PA.

It may be tempting to pick the cheapest storage unit available, but like most other things, one gets what they pay for. Secure, climate-controlled facilities are worth the investment, and they can offer priceless protection for the family’s belongings. Visit A Better Rate Storage for more details or to rent a unit.

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