Accessing Notary Services in Athens, Texas Before You Appear in Court

After you are released from jail on bond, you typically have a number of critical tasks that must be completed before you appear at your next court date. The judge presiding over your case may require you to have certain documents notarized and submitted to the court before your case can be heard.

If you do not have a lawyer on retainer just yet, you need to find someplace that will notarize these documents for you. You can find certified notary services in Athens, Texas by contacting your local bail bond agency for help.

Available Notarization

Most bail bond agencies have at least one employee who is a notary public. When you call the agency about arranging your bail bond, you can also ask if the business has a notary public available to notarize the papers that the judge requires you to submit. You can typically get same day notary services right after your release from jail.

Around-the-Clock Notary Public

You can even get notary public services when you have been released from jail during evening, weekend, or overnight hours. Most bail bond agencies are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for customers’ convenience.

You can learn more about getting prompt notary services in Athens, Texas online. Go to Business Name to learn more about getting bail bonds or having important court documents notarized today.

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