Your Pet Should Have a Veterinarian

To ensure that your pet stays happy and healthy your pet should see at veterinarian at least once a year. On a yearly check-up, your pet will usually get a physical, vaccination/booster, parasite check, dental exam and blood work. A veterinarian can perform regular check-ups, laboratory services in which they can check electrolyte panels, cytology, complete blood count as well as other tests. Most veterinary offices can also perform ultrasounds and radiology services. When your veterinary office has these capabilities it makes it easier and quicker to diagnose any problems that you may or may not see, such as heartworms, Giardia, Felv/Fiv and Parvo as well as look at x-rays to see if something is broken, or even if your pet has internal bleeding.

Emergencies Happen

Everybody knows that pet emergencies happen. Nobody plans for something to happen to their pet. If your veterinarian office is open when you have an emergency, you should contact them with your emergency situation and they can advise you on care for bring your bet to their office. You do not want to wait until an emergency happens and not know where to take your pet after regular business hours. A veterinarian in Chicago can tell you if they offer emergency services or where you can take your pet in the event of an emergency. Typically a veterinarian that offers emergency services will have a full service state of the art veterinarian hospital.

Setting up An Appointment

When you contact a veterinarian office, you will speak to a professional and helpful receptionist. They can answer initial questions that you may have and set up an appointment for your pet to see the veterinarian. If you have any special requests you should mention it to the receptionist to see if they can accommodate your needs. Sometimes special accommodations can be made for animals that are aggressive towards other animals, or if you know your animal may have a disease. You would not want to put other animals at risk which is why it is a good idea to let the receptionist know if you think your pet may have a disease or if you just need vaccines  or a general check-up.

Payment Methods That a Veterinarian Office Typically Accepts

Most veterinarian offices will accept cash, checks, Discover, Visa, Care Credit, MasterCard and American Express. Veterinarians usually need payment at the time of services and can give you an estimate if your animal needs hospitalization or surgery.

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