Your Options for Professional Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville

If you have purchased several over the counter teeth whitening products without lasting results, obtaining a consultation from a cosmetic dental professional might be best. Professional Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville has become a common service for those who have tried several times to whiten their teeth on their own. The dentist has several different options depending upon the severity of your teeth’s discoloration which all are proven to work much more effectively than over the counter options. Prior to going to consultation, knowing which services are offered can help you in making an informed decision on which choices are best for your oral health and personal desires.

Check Your Budget

Prior to agreeing to any services you must first find out how much they would typically cost. Depending upon your insurance certain Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville procedures may be covered. Find out what your out of pocket expense will be so that you have a general idea of what the procedure will cost. Since it is considered a cosmetic procedure your insurance provider may decide that you must pay completely out of pocket which can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While most dentists have payment arrangements and financing options, knowing ahead of time what you can afford is best.

Laser Whitening Options

If your teeth are seriously in need of a whitening treatment, your cosmetic or General Dentist may advise you to consider laser whitening. The laser technology allows the dentist to blast away tough and hard to reach stains. Depending upon how rough the stains are it may require several visits to complete the process. The results are generally pretty good and most patients have been satisfied with the results of the procedure.

Gel Applications

For those who cannot afford or do not wish to take the laser whitening options, there are gel applications as well. This will not generate instantaneous results and will likely also require several applications to complete. The process however is simply and generally involves the dentist painting a gel solution onto your teeth and then activating the ingredients with the help of a special light.

If you’re interested in Teeth Whitening in Pleasantville you should first consult with a reputable cosmetic dentist to determine what options are available to you. Teeth whitening done effectively has continued to boost the self esteem of many.


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