Would Your Child Benefit From Attending An Excellent Christian Elementary School In Griffin, GA?

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Education

Christian parents are faced with a difficult decision when choosing whether to send their child to a public or Christian school. Public schools, whether they have a good academic record or not, are certainly not teaching spiritual values. God and the Bible are actively forbidden in public schools. Parents and teachers should work hand in hand to educate a child, but that becomes extraordinarily difficult when the school teaches that God doesn’t exist.

Why would a Christian parent choose not to send their child to a Christian Elementary School in Griffin GA? A Christian child in public school is bombarded for thirty to forty hours a week with ideas and values that are counter to the teachings of the home and the church. Many public school textbooks are written by authors who are stridently opposed to Christianity; this is reflected in the curriculum and homework assignments. Unless this worldview is countered daily by parents, children can develop a very self-centered view of their place in society. Public schools are not neutral to religion; they are diametrically opposed to religion.

Is it necessary to choose between academics and Christian teachings? No. However, both public and private schools vary greatly in the quality of education provided to students. The primary difference is that in the public school system, the Board of Education determines which school a child will attend, not the parents. The only way that a parent can get their child enrolled in a better public school, in many school systems, is to pack up and move to a different school district. You can visit here to get more information.

Parents make an affirmative decision to enroll their child in a Christian school. They investigate the school and determine if the school teaches and encourages Christianity and offers a Christ-centered learning environment. They examine the academic program and learn if their child would be well-prepared for college at graduation. Most public schools have been forced to drastically cut back on music and the arts, but many private schools believe that fine arts are crucial to the development of a well-rounded individual. Excellent athletic programs are enthusiastically supported at larger Christian schools.

Strong Rock Christian School offers a Christ-centered quality academic education in a state-of-the-art Elementary School in Griffin GA.

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