Why Technology Matters in the Implementation of HEDIS in Medical Clinics

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Healthcare

With the advent of healthcare that is value-based, the need for technology to help with HEDIS has been greatly underscored. For those who ask the question is technology the remedy for HEDIS headaches, the answer is a resounding yes.

Gap Discovery

One way that technology can be of benefit is that it helps to discover any differences between the level of care provided and the performance of the actual healthcare networks. This is a huge reason why many clinics are turning to the use of HEDIS software instead of manual solutions.

Cost Measurement Analysis

This type of software is a very effective solution to saving the clinic money. The main reason for this is that preventative care is generally much cheaper than caring for a patient after they have already become ill or stricken with a disease. Many clinics and hospitals have already found the answer to the question is technology the remedy for HEDIS headaches.

Beneficial Data

Some of the data that is collected from the HEDIS software can be tailored into useful information regarding public health concerns such as smoking, diabetes, and other things that widely affect the public.

Measure Initiatives

The only true way to know whether or not certain initiatives are working is to monitor the data. This can easily be done by using software that focuses on HEDIS.

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