Why Homeowners Choose Professional Oriental Rug Repair in New York City

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Business

There are thousands of classically designed apartments and houses in New York, and many are decorated using traditional elements such as Oriental rugs. Homeowners are willing to pay well for the exotic flooring to create an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance. The problem is that once located, genuine Oriental carpets are often fragile, in disrepair, and have accumulated decades of grime. Fortunately, experts who provide Oriental Rug Repair in New York City can restore nearly all carpets. They use time-tested methods to clean and repair a range of delicate materials.

Professionals Deep Clean Delicate Rugs

Oriental Rug Repair in New York City begins with careful cleaning. Specialists employ practiced hand-cleaning methods that protect fabrics and color. They typically use compressed air to remove soil and dust. Technicians avoid chemicals and, instead, apply gentle shampoos. They ensure that even delicate fringes are thoroughly cleaned. Excess water is removed from carpets, which are then sent to humidity-controlled rooms for drying.

Clients Benefit From Old World Skills

Homeowners who want to ensure that carpets are returned to their original condition often Contact Business Name experts for Oriental carpet repairs. Artisans in these businesses use methods that have been handed down for generations. Established businesses have workers in the Middle East as well as the U.S. In fact; they offer some clients the option of having carpets shipped to Turkey for repairs. Since the work costs more in the U.S., sending rugs to the Middle East for restoration can save clients money when extensive repairs are needed.

Craftsmen Painstakingly Restore Rugs

Regardless of the location where repairs take place, craftsmen use the same careful, time-honored methods. They remove color runs and pet stains. Artisans reweave carpets, being careful to use wool that is the same age as rugs. They repair damages using hand-dyed wool. Rewoven and repaired carpets are carefully finished and ironed. Clients get carpets back looking exactly like they did the day they were originally woven.

Many of the most beautiful Oriental rugs in New York homes owe their good looks to area restoration specialists. These craftsmen use age-old techniques to clean and repair carpets. They can restore the beauty of even heavily damaged materials.

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