Why Having Insulated Doors is Important

Keeping your food storage area working correctly is one of the most critical aspects of the food services business. Restaurant owners, bakeries, delis, and other types of food service organizations must rely on their cold storage units to ensure the safety and freshness of their food products.

A Scary Scenario

Imagine a cake maker or bakery who has spent hours creating a giant wedding cake, complete with all of the trimmings for a wedding on the same day that you discover your cooling unit has suddenly given out! How will you explain this to your client who expects their wedding cake to be perfect for their once-in-a-lifetime day?

Answer: You can’t.

That’s why you must find someone who specializes in walk in cooler insulated doors California trusts for cold storage solutions. You need someone who has experience in turnkey systems that provide a host of cold storage solutions including:

  • Walk in refrigeration units
  • Walk in freezers
  • Building and constructing cold storage units for businesses
  • Maintenance and help with equipment after installation

Colocation of Services

Having the same service in place for all of your cold storage needs is important when building or managing your cold storage. Florists, bakeries, and grocery stores alike understand the importance of designing the best cold storage system for your needs.

If you have not checked them out yet, hop over to TKS Cold Storage and Manufacturing and Construction in Martinez and Stockton, California. They know their business when it comes to constructing your cold storage units with insulated doors in California.

For walk in cooler insulated doors California experts that commercial vendors trust, it’s TKS. That stands for “turnkey system,” and that’s what you’ll get with everything in one place and an entire system that continues to pay off for you with your commercial establishment.


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