When You Need a Winning Presentation in Court in Lakewood CO

Some of the most potent evidence presented at trial comes from meticulous preparation and an impactful presentation. Legal video and trial presentation services expertly prepared can make your case. Whether you need to capture or edit video depositions, a trial presentation professional, video or photography of a site inspection, or a day-in-the-life documentary, the legal videographers in Lakewood, CO, at Professional Legal Video deliver the winning edge.

Video Deposition Services

Preserve and document depositions of experts and witnesses for discovery or trial. Capabilities include:

  • HD Picture in Picture Depositions show documents and the witness simultaneously
  • Depo Bridge services for remote or hybrid video conferencing

Trial Presentation Services

Presentation is everything. In a trial, you may have the best case, the best arguments, the best witnesses, the best facts, and still fall short. Sometimes what is lacking is persuasion. Presentation is all about persuasion. Be prepared to persuade in trial with:

  • Jury observation
  • War room and after-hour services
  • Video editing, graphic design, and communication consulting

Site Inspection Services

High-quality videos and photography put the jury at the scene. Today, drones give accurate and intriguing visual evidence. Let certified, licensed, and insured drone pilots document sites, such as:

  • Large construction sites
  • Busy intersections
  • Any difficult to access areas

Day in the Life Documentary

Your client’s injuries may have healed by the time trial rolls around. So, preserve the hardship of fighting back to wholeness with video evidence of what a day in the life of your client was like before healing.

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