When Would You Need To Hire A Business Litigation Attorney?

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Lawyer

There are times when business disputes arise and no matter how hard the parties try to resolve the issue themselves or through third party arbitrators, a solution cannot be found. When this happens the solution is for each party to engage a business litigation attorney in Chicago and sue. Although it is usual that problems crop up between two businesses, a private person can also have an issue with a business entity.

Business litigation refers to a lawsuit; the basis of the suit can be anything from a business transaction to defective products to breach of contract and much more. Large multi-national corporations often have a business litigation attorney on staff but as the greatest majority of business disputes do not go so far as to require litigation, most business litigation attorneys are in private practice.

A business litigation attorney in Chicago represents a client involved in a lawsuit, the attorney takes the responsibility of preparing the initial filing if he or she is working for the plaintiff or responding to the suit in the event the client is the named defendant. There is a great deal involved in filing a lawsuit: The attorney must prepare and file a brief which explains in detail the facts, the attorney must state the law that supports the claim, and the attorney must usually present case law that supports the argument that recovery is the appropriate relief.

Let’s look at a typical example:

If the attorney is representing a company that wishes to sue another company for breach of contract it will be the attorney’s task to explain to the court the facts that support the client’s assertion. The business litigation attorney will cite the appropriate statute that proves the breach and then cite case law from past cases that shows to the court how such historic behavior has proven to be a breach of contract.

Once the attorney has filed the case on behalf of his or her client, it is necessary to proceed with the trial process discovery and pre-trial motions. Discovery in a lawsuit is when information is shared between sides; pre-trial motions include requests that the court take specific action which often involves compelling the opposition to turn over information.

Not every case gets as far as a courtroom. Often the litigants will settle out of court during the pre-trial stage. In these cases, the business litigation attorney in Chicago negotiates a fair and equitable settlement on behalf of the aggrieved client.

If you or your company is involved in a business dispute, you will need the professional services of a seasoned business litigation attorney in Chicago. You are invited to contact Zimmerman Law Offices online at www.attorneyzim.com/practice-areas/business-litigation/.

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