When Facing Trouble, Speak to a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville FL

Prosecutors nationwide are more aggressive and ambitious than ever. Armed with tools like mandatory minimum sentencing laws, they seek more in the way of jail time and other penalties than ever before. While many Americans support this “tough on crime” approach in general, its appeal can diminish substantially for those who find themselves in this situation. For this reason and others, getting in touch with a criminal defense lawyer in Jacksonville FL as soon as trouble becomes apparent is always the best policy.

This is true even in the period before charges are filed. While it can seem as though cooperating with police investigators before an arrest warrant has been issued will be the best way of defusing the situation, that very often turns out not to be the case. Skilled at interrogation and knowing exactly what they need to extract from those they question, police investigators can often make even the most innocent seem as though they truly have something to hide.

Therefore, in most cases, it makes sense for someone accused of committing a crime to request to contact a Jacksonville FL attorney. While some shy away from this option because of the belief that it will make them seem guilty, the reality is that this is never a bad idea.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jacksonville FL will be far better positioned than a layperson to understand what investigators and prosecutors are looking for and to construct an effective defense. In doing so, an attorney will give the accused person a far better chance of defending their case, whether in the form of the charges the prosecutor files or developments further down the road.

What matters most in the end is to remember the inherently adversarial nature of the American legal system. While cooperating from the start might seem like a good way of letting a person’s innocence shine through, it can just as well prove to be a trap. Rather than take their chances, most people do far better by retaining the services of an attorney early on.

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