What’s Best; Hiring A Disability Lawyer Or Going It Alone?

by | Mar 31, 2016 | Lawyers

Rarely does an applicant for Social Security disability benefits get their application approved on the first submission or even the first stage of appeals which is a request for reconsideration. Statistically, about three quarters of all applicants have their application denied and there is little difference in whether the applicant used a disability lawyer or not.

This is the stage of the process when the greatest majority of applicants turn to a disability lawyer in Missouri. Once the request for reconsideration has been denied as well the next stage in the appeals process is a hearing which takes place in front of an Administrative Law Judge, having a seasoned lawyer now can make a big difference whether the claim is approved or once again, denied. Of course, no lawyer can guarantee a client success, what the lawyer can do is to ensure that the client’s case is well developed prior to the hearing and presented in the most favorable light during the hearing. Once again, turning to statistics; about two thirds of cases that are heard by an ALJ are approved when the applicant is represented by a disability lawyer in Missouri.

Developing the case properly:

The law is complex, often daunting; it is o different when you are dealing with Social Security. Rarely would an applicant for disability benefits know how to go about properly preparing his or her case in preparation for a hearing, obviously this is not the case when the preparation is being done by a skilled lawyer who is intimate with all the complex rules, regulations and laws that apply. Having had many opportunities to support clients during past hearings the lawyer will know what the ALJ is looking for when it comes to the current clients specific condition.

As the disability lawyer only gets paid if he or she is successful in winning benefits for the client they do a great number of things to ensure success. The lawyer will gather all medical records as well as the results from any tests that were made; they will get a statement from the attending doctor attesting to the client’s current condition and if necessary, have expert witnesses attest to the claimant’s lack of ability to work.

Odds of winning:

Occasionally a claimant for Social Security disability benefits can win his or her own case without the help of a lawyer; however, the odds of winning with a seasoned disability lawyer in Missouri are much better. Rarely is it worth the risk of “going it alone” knowing that your lawyer will actually cost you nothing as the legal fee is paid from your back-pay which you would never get if you were denied benefits during the hearing.

The odds of winning your Social Security disability case are in your favor when you hire a skilled disability lawyer in Missouri. You are invited to discuss your case with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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