What You Must Know Before Buying a Dab Rig Electric In Los Angeles

Often called e-rigs, dab rig electrics are vaporizer devices that utilize electric or battery-powered heat sources, unlike traditional dab torches. They also come with quartz or ceramic heating coils and traditional mouthpieces or glass percolators.

They have become more popular over the recent years because of their portability and improved convenience. However, before purchasing it, learn the basics to help you choose the best.

How Do They Work?

Traditional dabbing methods used a nail and torch to heat the quartz to unknown temperatures. However, an e-rig makes the process easier because you don’t have to worry about playing around with the temperature.

They have the same size and shape as traditional dab rigs but are more modern and sleek. They allow you to set a specific temperature to heat your product. Therefore, you can use low temperatures to release specific terpenes and higher temperatures for cannabinoids.


  • Safety and less messy because they don’t involve open flames
  • Convenience and ease-of-use
  • It gives you total control of your dabbing experience
  • Discretion and portability because they don’t include external accessories
  • Easier to clean
  • Reliability and affordability

How To Get A Good E-Rig

Material for use

While e-rigs are mainly used for dabs (concentrated THC), the dabs come in different forms, like oils and waxes. Some e-rigs are explicitly made to vaporize certain states, so knowing what you want to vaporize is essential.

Heating options

Good e-rigs offer various temperature options ranging between 250 and 1,000 degrees depending on the THC form you use and how you want to vaporize it. Look for an e-rig with accessible temperature settings that heats quickly.

Battery life

Look for an e-rig with a high battery size and life to reduce the number of recharges and heat your product faster.


A clean e-rig ensures you get the best quality vapor without computerizing flavor. Therefore, look for a dab rig electric that is easy to clean.

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