What To Look For In A Precision Pulley For Texas Businesses

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Industrial

Mining, agriculture, bulk materials processing and manufacturing companies across the state of Texas depend on quality components to keep their conveyors operating and the products moving.

Conveyor systems are used in just about every manufacturing, shipping and packaging facility as well as for the movement of raw materials. Having the right components to allow the accurate speed and movement of the conveyor for both bulk as well as packaged items is essential to keeping your facility operating effectively and efficiently.

Typically, you will find a Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) component on a conveyor system for bulk materials such as coal and ore or gravel, minerals and even bulk dry chemicals. The pulleys have to be carefully selected based on the volume and weight of the materials as well as the size of the conveyor.

The Company

Precision Pulley is a recognized manufacturer of conveyor pulleys, idlers and accessories. This is a company that has continued to grow over the years to have a true international presence.

The products offered by Precision Pulley are innovative and designed with the latest engineering technology to withstand even extreme use conditions. The company, which is employee-owned, has partnered with state universities to undergo a full analysis of their conveyor pulley systems.

This is an attempt to track and record the stresses on a pulley system throughout use in a specific application. Through this research, they have been able to literally build a better pulley with a longer life cycle and less risk of failure during operation, particularly in high tension applications.

Precision Pulley Availability

PPI offers a range of different types of pulleys for various uses and systems. They produce drum pulleys, wing pulleys, single disc pulleys and specialized packaging and unit handling pulleys.

The unit handling pulleys are specially designed to handle packages and boxed goods rather than loose or bulk types of materials. As with all the pulleys offered through PPI, they are fully tested and engineered to stand up to continual use in high productions types of applications.

The company also provides the full line of parts and accessories for their systems. These include bearings, take-up frames, shafting, lagging and keyless lock assemblies. They are also very well known for their full line of idlers that are also designed for heavy duty use in the toughest of Texas working environments.

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