What To Know Before Calling Moving Companies In Birmingham

Planning a move as far in advance as possible from the date of the move is always a good idea. The longer the family has to sort through belongings, decide what to pack and what to throw out, sell, or give away, the more efficient the move will be. In addition, this also gives the family time to talk about different moving companies in Birmingham and get estimates.

While it may be tempting to simply go with the first of the moving companies in Birmingham you call, talking to at least three or four companies really does have advantages. It allows you to compare not only prices but also services, your impression of the different companies, and also their level of customer support.

Before contacting any moving companies in Birmingham in person, it is a good idea to know some basic information. This will give you a more accurate picture of what you need and also give the companies a better reference for estimating your move.

Dates and Location

Knowing the dates of the move, and the destination location is going to be important. The distance you move and the dates you need to move on will impact the overall cost. Ideally moving companies in Birmingham like to have several weeks’ notice when booking a move and, if you are moving over the summer, booking early is a must.

Long distance, especially out of state or international moves, tends to take more planning and lead time. You may also find flexibility with your dates can help you in lowering the total cost of your move.

Direct Move or Storage

Not all moving companies in Birmingham offer storage solutions when your move-out is not going to coordinate with your move-in dates. However, there are companies that provide secure, climate controlled storage facilities which are some of the best in the city.

If you need storage, it is important to let the company know in advance if possible and also to ask about the type of storage they provide.

Special Services

There are some great services offered by moving companies in Birmingham, which can make moving a breeze. Packing and unpacking services, take-down and set-up of your electronics and home theater systems, and even clean-up of your home and cleaning before moving into the new home are all options to consider.

By talking to several moving companies in Birmingham, you can compare answers, ask clarifying questions, and get a good understanding of what each company is offering to help you with your move.

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