What To Know About Teeth Cleanings Near Cabot, AR

The majority of people in the United States do not use a complete dental hygiene routine, particularly on an ongoing, daily basis. However, even for those who do brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis, it is necessary to come into the dentist on an annual basis for a check-up and teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleanings near Cabot, AR that are completed at the dentist’s office are very different from the daily cleaning of brushing and flossing. In addition to the cleaning, the dental hygienist also completes a full physical examination of the mouth and gums, and the dentist in many offices also completes a check if the hygienist finds anything of potential concern.

Full Cleaning of the Surface of the Teeth

While a brush and floss are effective at removing surface bacteria, the plaque and tartar, which are the hard materials on the exterior of the teeth and at the gum line, need to be removed with specialized tools. These include a scaler, which is scraped on the buildup to remove it from the surface of the tooth.

Once this buildup is removed, which may take a significant amount of time if there is a heavy accumulation, a special toothpaste that both scrubs and polishes the surface of the teeth. This is the step where the dental hygienist uses the powerfully spinning toothbrush to leave your teeth feeling smooth and clean.

Expect the dental hygienist completing the teeth cleanings near Cabot, AR, to floss between the teeth and have you rinse your mouth. This is a crucial step to remove any of the slightly gritty toothpaste and any debris that may be in the mouth.

The last step in teeth cleanings is very important in protecting your teeth. A fluoride treatment is often applied, and it may be followed by a fluoride varnish that hardens on and is removed the next time you brush your teeth.

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