What to Know About Concrete Stairways in Philadelphia PA

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Concrete is one of the oldest building materials that continues to be in use. Long ago concrete was originally used to make buildings and other structures, and this has continued to present day. Over time, a few things have changed in how concrete is made.

New ways were discovered to reinforce concrete, such as using steel rods, which allow much larger construction projects to be possible. When concrete is mixed with different materials, it can be made much stronger. New methods of mixing pigments into the concrete as it is made make many color choices of concrete available. Concrete can be molded into many different shapes.

Concrete Stairways in Philadelphia PA are exposed to strong weather conditions as well as exhaust from cars and trucks. Animal waste from pests like pigeons can lead to breakdown and wear of concrete. When a crack has formed in concrete and water gets in, and then freezes, it expands, and the structure of the concrete may be weakened over time. In the northern parts of the USA, with wide variations in temperature cracking concrete can be a common problem.

Many places have stairways that are made of concrete. Preventing wear is something that can be done in a few ways when the concrete is initially installed. Maintainability of concrete can include painting or other sealants to slow damage from exposure. Many places have concrete stairs and knowing the best way to fix them is something not recommended as a DIY project.

Depending on the particular kind of wear or damage to concrete can help an experienced company decide if the concrete can be repaired or if needed, replaced. A company that not only does new concrete construction but also understands methods to repair concrete is a good idea to make sure that a job is done in the correct way and that repairs last as they should. Using a company that does not have the right kind of experience working with concrete may lead to increased damage and increased repair costs. For more advice on Concrete Stairways in Philadelphia PA contact Clearspan Contractors Inc. or Click here.

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