What is vinyl lettering?

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Business

Vinyl is a synthetic material which is comprised mostly from chlorine and ethylene, the term “vinyl” is taken from the full name which is polyvinylchloride, otherwise known as PVC. The material has a wide range of uses; toy manufacturers have used it for decades to make toys that can stand up to abuse, people involved in crafts use it extensively and it is used for window letting in St. Augustine.

When vinyl is used for window letting, sign making, etc it typically consists of whatever amount of letters and numbers that are required to make up the message, once in place it is reasonably permanent and weather resistant. Most businesses that rely on vinyl lettering on their shop windows order them custom made from a business that specializes in products of this nature however they can also be printed on a home computer or individually cut from a sheet using a box cutter or other similarly sharp blade. Vinyl letters and numbers are frequently used for sign making, on plaques, for window lettering in St. Augustine, vehicles and a multitude of craft projects.

Vinyl lettering can be created and used in a number of different ways although the use of the product, not necessarily the material, is very similar. As the name implies, the letters are cut from a vinyl sheet however as the material is durable, easy to use, available in a huge assortment of colors and patterns and reliable it can be used for many applications.

Vinyl lettering can be made or purchased from a specialized vendor. Most companies who use vinyl lettering find it to their advantage to order the letters in bulk and then peel them from the backing and create the message as it is needed. Although it is possible to purchase the same equipment that the professional suppliers use to make the letters it is not really practical for a single user as the cost of the equipment puts it out of the range for most users.

The most common use for vinyl letters is in sign making, the production of plaques and window lettering in St. Augustine. As the self adhesive vinyl can adhere to many different surfaces the base material of a plaque for example can be literally anything and the letters will stick. When used for signs and windows the letters spell out the services the company offers, to indicate the name and location or to advertise a special deal; whatever the message the lettering will draw attention to it.

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