What is involved with home care nursing?

by | Nov 12, 2015 | Healthcare

Rather than admit an individual to a medical facility, there are many times when home care nursing is the ideal solution. People who are recuperating from an operation or those who need long term care are examples of people who can benefit from home care. Home care nurses usually are employed by nursing agencies although there are those that hire themselves out on a freelance basis.

The level of patient care is designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Some home care nurses are only tasked with visiting the patient once or twice during the day, during these scheduled visits the nurse performs tasks that cannot be undertaken by other people attending to the patient. If there are no other caregivers involved the nurse will check the well being and condition of the patient. In the event the patient’s condition is such that he or she requires constant attention and care the home care nurse may actually live in the patient’s home.

Many people who opt for home care nursing are those that are adamant against staying in a hospital or other similar medical facility any longer than necessary. If their attending physician is of the opinion that they will do as well at home, as long as there is nursing care, the doctor will usually allow the patient to leave. There are many times when the doctor will actually suggest that the patient will be better off at home, as long as the patient is not at risk of any unforeseen complications and is stable, home nursing care is an excellent option.

Home care nurses can administer medications that have been prescribed by the doctor, they can assist the home care physical therapist if there is one and the nurse can care for supplementary feeding tubes, making sure that everything is functioning as it should. The nurse will assist the patient with his or her personal care; bathing, assistance with toileting, etc.

Although many patients who are recovering at home or require long term care may have a number of family members that help with care giving, there is only so much they can do. Family members who perform simple daily care are not capable of performing functions that can only be performed by a professional; in many cases family members may also be averse to performing certain tasks that are uncomfortable with.

Should the patient take a turn for the worse, those who offer home care nursing services can use their medical training to decide whether their patient may require hospitalization.

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