What is Involved in Lawn Care?

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Landscape Company

When someone requests lawn care for their property, there is much that goes into the process in order to obtain that lush green lawn all property owners want. Learn more about the lawn care process below.


Lawn care companies in Aurora, CO and elsewhere will use devices with metal tubes that have about 0.5-inch diameters and roll them into your lawn. This will help to remove soil and turf, which will allow air, water, fertilizer, and organic matter to reach the root systems of your lawn. In addition, the soil has room to loosen up, which allows for easier root growth and better circulation of air and water throughout your lawn.


Seeding can be used to fill out thinner areas of your lawn; in addition, a denser lawn will make it harder for weeds and pests to penetrate it. Seeding can also make the lawn more resistance to disease and can help to fill it out if part of your lawn is regularly in the shade, and the main grass does not grow well in those conditions.


Fertilization leads to extra nutrients for your lawn, thereby improving its appearance and health. Fast-release synthetic fertilizers can give a quick shot to its nutrition, but may prevent a strong root system from taking hold. Slow-release synthetic fertilizers provide nutrients more steadily, which can result in a stronger root system, but takes more time. Natural, slow-release fertilizers is more natural for your lawn, but they usually take more time as well.

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