What Do Businesses Need to Know About Detail Training in Folsom, CA

Do you need detail training in Folsom, CA? This company has been detailing cars for quite a few years, so they have plenty of experience. They also provide the highest quality detailing products on the market.

Here are a few categories of products that the company has:

  • Car Wash Supplies

  • Professional Cleaning Products

  • Car Polish

  • Car Wax

  • Paint Correction

  • Paint Protection

  • Polishers

  • Vehicle Washing & Glass Cleaning Products

  • Interior & Exterior Dressings

All-Purpose Cleaner

If something is stuck on the car’s paint or in the interior, you can get it with an all-purpose cleaner. Hd cleaners and degreasers can get rid of stains and spills that seem oily without a problem. They stock specialty cleaners if you need something for a particular reason.

Brushes and Accessories

Barrel pumps and dispensing products are the mainstays when cleaning vehicles. You always need bottles to keep your cleaners stored and easily accessible. Plus, you want to use a brush to touch up any spots on the car to the best of your ability.

Here are a few types of brushes that you can get here:

  • Car Wash Brushes

  • Detail Brushes

  • General Purpose Brushes

  • Interior Cleaning Brushes

  • Micro Fiber Towels

  • Wheel & Tire Brushes

  • Wheel Woolies

If you want to apply a dressing, this company will show you how it is done. Plus, they have several types, including aerosol dressings.

Interior Cleaning and Care

This team of detailers has a stocked supply of carpet and upholstery cleaners. Plus, they have deodorants, leather surface cleaners, and stain removers.

Contact The Polishing School Detail Products at pscarcareproducts.com.

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