What Can A Janitorial Service Do For Your New Jersey Business?

Every business, both small and large, requires some level of janitorial service. If it is not handled by on staff personnel, then it needs to be handled by an outside service. No customer enjoys seeing a messy office or bathroom at a business, and the negative impression such things make can greatly affect the business. Adding additional staff to take care of basic and in depth cleaning needs is not always in the budget, or necessary. Many professional and medical offices only require one to three hours, at most, an evening to be fully cleaned, and even then the need is not every day of the week. Hiring a janitorial service for your New Jersey business to take care of these things can help not only your budget, but remove the stress of it from your staff. Also, when you allow your skilled workers to focus more on their tasks and not worry about the cleaning, it can help ensure productivity is at its best.

What tasks can our janitorial services provide?

As with most janitorial and cleaning companies, basic and in depth cleaning can be provided, and on a schedule that works best for your company. A typical standard daily cleaning may include:

Vacuuming: Carpeting, rugs, stairs, and entryway grating are common areas that can are addressed during a standard cleaning session.

Sweeping/Mopping: Tile, laminate, marble, and stone floors, as well hardwood, are swept and mopped. Both high quality string mops and microfiber mop heads are employed to match the needs of different surfaces.

Dusting: General areas within easy reach will be dusted. These include counter and desk tops, window ledges and trim along walls. Higher surfaces that require more than a regular two-step ladder are typically considered part of a Deep Clean session, but can be included in regular cleaning packages of janitorial services as well.

Bathrooms: Complete, top to bottom cleaning of bathrooms are one of the most common and basic janitorial services. The cleaning includes mirrors, sinks, counters, toilets, stalls, and floors. The ventilation covers can also be cleaned either during a Deep Clean or as an addition.

Garbage: Garbage is collected and disposed of per instructions. For most businesses, the allotted dumpster is used. When there is none available, trash disposal may require alternate arrangements or fees. Recycling can also be sorted and taken to out as well, when there is a proper system in place.

If you are looking for a quality janitorial service for your New Jersey business, contact us today. They have over 25 years of experience that can be put to work for you.

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