What Benefits Do LTC Insurance Plans in Texas Include?

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Insurance

While most people hope to remain healthy and capable of taking care of themselves, things do not always work out that way. Since the cost of care can be high, it pays to invest in one of the LTC Insurance Plans in Texas. Here are some examples of what the typical plan will cover.

Providing Help in the Home

When it is possible for the covered party to remain in the home with a little help, it is not unusual for most LTC Insurance Plans in Texas to include benefits related to home health service. This includes having someone come in who can take care of tasks that the individual can no longer manage alone. For example, someone can come in and help with things like bathing and getting dressed. If there is a need for some type of ongoing physical therapy as a way to help ease the pain of arthritis or a similar health issue, that can also be covered. In some cases, paying for someone to be in the home to provide care during the day or a caregiver to be present at night will also be included in the benefits.

Care in a Facility

When it is in the best interests of the covered party to move to an assisted living facility, the terms of the long term care insurance plan will help cover all or at least most of the costs associated with the stay. This includes covering the basic costs for room and board, providing medical support, and even helping with expenses related to transport to and from doctor appointments.

As the condition of the covered party continues to change, the plan will cover the cost of moving from an assisted living facility to a nursing home. Thanks to the range of benefits included, the individual can look forward to receiving the best of care without having to worry about how to cover the expenses.

For more information about long term care coverage and why it matters, talk with the team at MyersYounger LTC. After learning more about the scope of coverage and what it will mean in the years ahead, it will be easy to see why securing this type of plan makes sense.

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