What Are Five Types of Orthodontics for Adults in St Augustine?

While traditional dentistry is used to repair a variety of oral health concerns, orthodontics specifically focuses on the cosmetic look of the mouth. Orthodontics for adults in St Augustine provides services that will correct the straightness of teeth, overbites, crowded mouths and gaps between teeth. The types of services provided for adult orthodontics patients can be divided into five basic categories.

1. Adult Braces

Although typically associated with teenagers, orthodontics for adults in St Augustine can include braces. A number of oral health issues can be repaired with the use of braces, including crowded teeth, gum disease and a bad overbite.

2. Invisalign

Some adults may be nervous or embarrassed about needing braces. Invisalign are often referred to as “clear braces,” and they allow the orthodontist to provide the same tooth-straightening benefits that traditional braces provide.

3. Orthodontic Emergency Care

Even well-made orthodontic equipment can break and you might need care immediately. Emergency orthodontic care provides relief for the severe pain and discomfort that can come from broken equipment.

4. Corrective Jaw Surgery

Severe facial proportion problems may need more than simple braces. Left unresolved, some adults experience difficulty speaking, excessive wear on their teeth and breathing difficulties. Corrective jaw surgery can help to fix these problems.

5. Retainer After Braces

Teeth may continue to shift and change over time. A retainer after braces will preserve the effects of having had braces and guarantee that the beautiful smile that the patient worked so hard to achieve.


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