What Are Dental Bridges And How Are They Used?

Dental patients who need to restore their smiles have access to a variety of choices. Their dentist works with them to determine what option is best suited for their requirements. Dental Bridges are among these possibilities.

Why are Dental Bridges Used?
Dental bridges are used to replace a larger section of missing teeth. They aren’t as large as complete dentures. However, they serve a similar purpose. The bridge is produced from a mold of the dental patient’s teeth. This includes a mold of the ridges of their gums. This helps the dentist provide them with a better overall fit.

What are the Different Types of Bridges?
There are two basic types of bridges. There are removable and permanent bridges. The removable options are constructed like dentures. They are secured into the mouth with an adhesive paste or gel. The patient can remove the bridge to clear it and reapply the adhesive when they prefer.
The permanent bridges are installed with a crown at the end of each section. The bridge is bonded to the gum line to heighten security of the device. These devices are constructed to look more natural.

Comparing the Difference in Types
Removable bridges allow the patient to remove them at will. If they get foods trapped underneath the bridge, they can remove it and eliminate the debris quickly. If the bridge doesn’t fit properly, they can take it back to the dentist and get a new one. It doesn’t require surgery to install it.
Permanent bridges are long lasting and eliminate potential embarrassing moments for the patient. They won’t have to worry about food reaching the underside since the bridge is bonded to the gums. These products are durable and less likely to break than removable options.

Dental patients could regain their self confidence by getting a bridge. With the replacement of their teeth, they could chew their food properly. This reduces the possibility of a choking hazard. They could also communicate more effectively. They also have two different types of bridges from which to choose. Patients who want to review these opportunities for Dental Bridges should visit Greatamericansmile.com today.

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