Water Heater Thermostat Replacements in Temecula CA

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Plumbing

Everyone knows that a water heater has to be replaced every fifteen or twenty years, depending upon the design and capacity of the tank. But long before a full replacement becomes necessary, the heater may suffer the failure of its most critical component. This would be its thermostat, the critical component of the water heater’s function.

Thermostats directly control the heating and temperature maintenance of the water, cycling through its active and inactive phases automatically to maintain consistent heat. Gas-fired water heaters have the single thermostat that controls the burner at the bottom of the tank, heating up the water just like a coffee pot or kettle on a stove. Electric water heaters have two thermostats, one at the upper half and the other at the lower half. Both operate the tank’s heating elements in tandem to bring the water up to optimum temperature while doing less thermal work in the process. Tankless water heaters have a central thermostat running its heating elements proximate to the pipes. Each of these designs has their own particular repair issues which service technicians who perform Thermostat Replacements Temecula CA homeowners need are experienced with.

Professional service technicians should be called in to handle the work of repairing or replacing a water heater thermostat because of the dangers of electrical shock or even fire if the job is not done properly. This is particularly true for tank-design electrical water heaters wrapped in an insulating blanket to help maintain the temperature. Leaving an exposed wire or contact against flammable material can result in disaster for the homeowner. And fiddling with electrical connections without full knowledge of proper safety and repair could be fatal. With thermostats for gas heaters, there is the additional complication of the connections to the gas main and dangers of a leak which could result in asphyxiation, fire or explosion. Also, if the thermostat is not properly repaired or reinstalled, it will never operate as designed if at all. So whenever a thermostat issue arises, the homeowner is better advised to Google “Thermostat Replacements Temecula CA” instead of attempting a self-repair.

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