Understanding What Sets Veterinarians Apart from One Another

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You love your pet like a family member. When they’re sick or hurting, you want to ensure they have access to the same level of care as a human child would have. While you’ll find that most veterinarians can provide a similar range of services, they’re certainly not all created equal. What sets one apart from the rest? What makes one veterinarian a better choice for your pet than another?

Education and Training

Obviously, the most important thing is to ensure that your pet has access to a skilled, educated, trained professional. Veterinarians cannot claim that credential unless they have their DVM degree, or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. This proves that they have completed a lengthy medical education course, and have the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnose, identify and treat conditions ranging from the commonplace (like pregnancy or spaying) to the more exotic, including ingestion of toxic plants, or the removal or porcupine spines.

Professional Manner

Of course, a vet could have all the training and education in the world, but if your pet is not comfortable around them, it will do little good. Having to sedate your pet for general office visits is both costly and potentially problematic for your pet. So, when choosing between veterinarians, it’s important to take your pet’s preferences into account. Do they act comfortable around the vet and other office staff? Do they allow the vet to do their work without too much trouble? Some standoffishness is normal during the early stages of the pet/vet relationship, but eventually, a rapport should develop.


How much experience does each of the veterinarians you’re considering have? While there’s nothing technically wrong with working with a vet fresh out of school and starting a new clinic, there’s a lot to be said for working with a veterinarian who has years of experience. Over time, vets come into their own in terms of treatment style, modalities, and even mindset – this allows them to provide higher quality care for the animals they’re entrusted with.

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