Types of Sinks Used During Bathroom Remodeling in Boston

Most homeowners do not consider their restroom when doing a refinishing of the house. This room is usually ignored despite its crucial daily purpose. In most cases, the room is only taken care of when the faucet has malfunctioned, the sink is leaking, or when the sink material has grown too old, making it look unappealing. However, the restroom requires regular maintenance and, in a better case, refinishing if it looks old and ugly. There are various types of materials that can be used to refinish your sink during Boston Bathroom Remodeling.

Each material has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, which a remodel considers. Your choice may depend on the following factors: durability, ease of maintenance, frequency of use, available money, and the preferred size. These materials include:

Porcelain sink

Sinks made of this material or fireclay or vitreous China are usually easy to clean and come in various colors. They are smooth on the surface and are well suited to bright colors. However, since the porcelain sinks are made of ceramic, they easily get chipped or cracked when heavy and or hard materials accidentally drop into them.

Cast iron sinks

Cast iron, an alloy of iron containing a varying amount of carbon, is preferred for making robust sinks. However, due to its susceptibility to rusting, the material is usually coated with enamel. This gives it a smooth surface that is easy to clean and is available in different colors. The main disadvantage is that the enamel can easily get chipped, exposing the iron to rusting conditions, water, and oxygen. Copper, brass, and stainless steel are also used as an alternative to iron.

Glass sinks

This glass is usually expensive and can be used to state your class or used as a luxury. The glass is usually very thick and hard enough to accommodate the combined pressure of the body and water. They are available in different sparkling colors that give the bathtub an appealing outlook.

There are other materials commonly used when refinishing the sink, depending on your preferences. These materials can be availed by Bath MakeoverJacuzzi Bath Remodel by Capital, a professional firm that provides residential and commercial plumbing solutions.

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