Two Important Questions About Termites In Phoenix AZ

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Pest Control

A home that’s infested with termites can become damaged within a very short time. These insects multiply rapidly and one colony can contain thousands of termites. Once they start destroying the wooden beams inside the home, the structure becomes weakened. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to your home, contact an experienced Termites Phoenix AZ area company to inspect your property for a termite invasion. Homeowners can read the following questions and answers to learn more about termite infestations and extermination.

Q.) What are some indications that a homeowner has a termite problem?

A.) Many times homeowners will discover the presence of termites in their homes when they see the obvious signs that indicate a termite infestation. These include termite mud tubes that are often stuck to the outside walls of the home. Termites construct these tubes and use them so they can travel safely from outside the house to the inside. Homeowners will also detect a large amount of termite waste underneath the wooden objects they’re eating. This waste looks very similar to sawdust piles and it will emit a foul odor.

Q.) Can homeowners get rid of a termite infestation on their own or should they call a professional?

A.) When termites infest a home they’re often found in crawl spaces underneath the house, around the perimeter of the house and even inside the home. This makes it very difficult for homeowners to get rid of the infestation on their own. During a termite inspection, an exterminator will look in hidden areas where termites often hide to learn how severe the infestation is in the home. A Termites Phoenix AZ area pest control company uses various extermination methods and professional strength products to make sure that the termites are gone. A professional exterminator also has the experience that’s needed to successfully eradicate all the termites from the home.

To get rid of the termites that are infesting your home before they destroy your house, contact the professionals at This experienced pest control company will inspect your home and give you a free estimate before performing any services.

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