Top Three Unique Usher Gifts This Wedding Season

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Shopping

Trying to figure out how to gift something trendy, classy, and unique to your ushers can be a difficult job. In addition to wanting to please each and every one of your attendants, you also want to choose something that is popular yet timeless. To help guide you in your decision, here are the top three unique usher gifts this wedding season.

Personalized Barware

Many men love having a well stocked bar. It makes for impressive hosting, and helps to ensure that all guests have their preferred drinks. One trend in gifts this wedding season is to help your ushers stock their barware, but doing so in a personalized way. This can be in the form of engraving or etching glasses and beer steins, flasks, and martini shakers, or by gifting entire sets of various glasses and having each etched with the recipient’s name, or date of the wedding. This is one great way to ensure that the gift you give is used all year long, and will be welcomed by the usher who receives it.

Custom Cufflinks

Cufflinks are one of the most traditional gifts given by grooms, but they stay popular year after year. This year, grooms are switching things up by putting a unique spin on the ubiquitous gift by finding cufflinks that are easily engraved, or containing some piece of memorabilia appreciated by the usher in question. These gifts are perfect for more formal weddings, as they can be used during the ceremony and on each special occasion thereafter.

Leather Watch Box

For the usher with the impressive collection of watches, a leather watch box is one of the trendiest and classiest gifts that can be received. These boxes are usually made from a rich color wood, and can house a multitude of watches. Despite the popularity of cell phones and other electronic time-telling devices, a good watch never goes out of style, making these a popular choice among grooms this season.

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