Three Reasons Your SSD Claim Might Get Denied in Bethlehem

You’re probably extremely disappointed if you’ve received a rejection on your SSD claim. It’s normal to be upset. However, you need to understand the most common reasons claims get denied, and then you need to speak to a reliable SSD lawyer in Bethlehem. These are three common reasons that claims get denied:

Not Enough Work Points

To qualify for SSDI, you have to earn enough work credits during the time before your disability started. As of 2021, $1,470 is equal to one work credit. The SSA calculates the credits you need based on your age and the time you became disabled. There is nothing that anyone can do if you do not pass this part of the qualification process.

Not Enough Medical Information

Some SSD claims get denied because the applicant doesn’t submit enough medical documentation that verifies the illness. You could get better verification of your illness if you hire a reputable SSD lawyer in Bethlehem and allow him or her to reach out to your doctor. Sometimes, it’s best to hire an attorney right away to avoid that embarrassing claim denial.

Illness Does not Seem to Be Limiting

Another reason that claims get denied is that it doesn’t appear upon a first look that the applicant’s illness restricts the person’s lifestyle enough. You can also hire an SSD lawyer in Bethlehem to help you with that aspect of it. That might be something that he or she has to work out with your doctor, as well.

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