Things To Know Before You Buy A Dump Truck In Texas

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Automotive

Unlike some areas of the country, Texas really didn’t experience that huge slow down in construction and work that happened across the rest of the country. This means that all types of heavy duty trucks from cargo trucks to dump trucks are constantly coming on the market as used vehicles as fleet or individual truck owners upgrade their vehicles.

These used dump trucks provide a great option for new individuals or for smaller, growing businesses to get into the market or to add to their fleet. By choosing the well-maintained, low mileage vehicles, you can save money and get a dependable truck that will carry you through for several years.

However, before buying any used commercial type of vehicle, particularly those taking the beating that these trucks can take, there are several things you will want to know or verify about the vehicle you are considering.


Unfortunately, not all drivers are careful about using these trucks correctly. Driving with the box in the elevated position under load or even empty can cause a lot of problems with the hydraulic cylinders. It can also cause the rails to bend or bow, making movement of the box much more difficult.

Always check to make sure the hydraulics are in good working order. Look for leaks, check the rails and system and ensure that the box is operating correctly through the full range of movement.

Brake Systems

Another costly repair on any type of medium to heavy duty truck is the brakes. Take a close look at the brake system and also check out the tires. If you are not sure about mechanical aspects of the vehicle, work with a dealership you trust or bring a mechanic with you before making a purchase.

Be very careful if buying any used dump trucks through equipment auctions or online auctions. At the very least makes sure you see the vehicle in person and have the time and the ability to give it more than a quick once-over before placing a bid.

It will also be important to check out the engine and to also take a close look at the interior of the cab. Often how the cab is maintained is a good indication of the care the driver took with the vehicle, which is over and above what the maintenance records will reveal.

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