The Value of Mental Health First Aid Training for Those Not in Healthcare

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Health Consultant

Many people complete training to become a certified provider of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR. They do so even though their work is unrelated to healthcare. Being able to save a life is the motivation. Some individuals also decide to complete a mental health first aid certification course as well. This gives them the knowledge to assist if a person shows signs of a psychological crisis or a negative reaction connected with substance abuse.

The training for mental health first aid certification instructs students how to spot indications of these occurrences and effectively respond. They recognize when someone is about to have a panic attack and the warning signs of depression. The certified individual can respond in a helpful way when someone nearby experiences the first manic episode in bipolar disorder.

Men and women might become interested in this training after a loved one develops bipolar disorder or another serious mental illness. They want to help when the friend or relative is in psychological distress.

Others have seen a co-worker experience a psychotic break. This can be heartbreaking for friends and colleagues, as well as disturbing and even scary to witness. If a qualified mental health first aid practitioner is available, progression of the incident can be minimized or stopped.

Those who complete the course know how to respond in a positive way. They don’t take insulting personal remarks from the troubled person seriously. Staying calm and speaking clearly and quietly are methods to reassure that person. The training is invaluable in many situations.

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