The Steps to Take to Become a Kidney Dialysis Technician

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Health

A kidney dialysis technician, also known as a hemodialysis technician, is a person who works in a dialysis center or hospital and provides care to those undergoing dialysis of the kidney. This person works under supervision to setup and administer treatment to people who have kidney disease or kidney failure. The technician is also tasked with obtaining information from patients, checking vitals, and monitoring patients. If you’ve been thinking this might be the right career for you, we’ll explain what the steps are to find employment in the field.

Completing a Training or Degree Program

While technician training is often done via a certificate program, some associate degrees are also available. The first option is traditionally a year long while the other takes two years. In both cases, the students learn about patient care, medical terminology, and how to operate equipment for dialysis of the kidney. The students will also get clinical experience and hands-on training. In some cases, you will need CPR certification and experience in biology to sign up.

Becoming Board Certified

Every state has certain requirements when it comes to being board certified. You may have to be certified by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology or you may be certified through another association or group. You may need a high school diploma and patient care experience in some cases. The actual requirements will vary, so be sure to take that into consideration when choosing the profession. Do some research on your own to see what your state requires.

Joining an Organization of Professionals

The top organization to join for a technician is the National Association of Nephrology Technicians/Technologists. This is a professional organization that offers opportunities to gain knowledge and learn new skills pertaining to the field. The association offers a yearly symposium, along with publications, contacts in the industry, and lower fees for monthly webinars.

If you believe that becoming a kidney dialysis technician is the right path for you, you can find more information at Dialysis 4 Career School of Hemodialysis. We offer campus-based and online programs to be convenient for your life. We also have onsite training available in some areas. If you are ready to take the first step into this career.

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