The Importance of Tree Trimming in Bronx NY for Higher-Maintenance Plants

When people buy a home in one of the New York City boroughs, they may be thrilled to finally have a backyard in which the kids can play. Looking over all the features of the lot, they wonder about the various trees that have been growing there fora long time. Some may need attention from technicians who do tree trimming in Bronx NY if the branches have become overgrown and no pruning has been done for many years.


Some trees can be considered high-maintenance plants, while others do not require nearly as much attention. Willow trees, for instance, shed a lot of organic debris and the branches are vulnerable to breaking during storms. Professional tree trimming in Bronx NY is advisable for a willow that is growing out of control. Although the trees tend to be quite lovely, some homeowners eventually decide to have them cut down so they no longer must deal with the hassle.

Apple Trees

An apple tree can be fun because of the tasty fruit, but it also can become a bit overwhelming. The adult tree sheds blossoms in spring and tends to produce more apples than any family can reasonably consume in a given year. The property owners may want the tree trimmed back significantly so it does not cause such a mess. They might consider giving apples away to friends, neighbors, relatives and people who want to attract deer to their land.

Fast-Growing Trees

Fast-growing trees are in need of more frequent trimming. The technicians prune branches near the home so they don’t brush against the roof, and they cut away branches that are limiting light and air from reaching the rest of the tree. The plants can respond quickly to the extra sunshine and air circulation that results.

Getting Advice

Arborists from an organization such as Arnold’s Tree Service can offer recommendations on low-maintenance trees in case the property owners want to add more trees, or remove some of the existing ones and replace them. This company provides planting, trimming and felling services, as well as stump removal. Information is available at the website.

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