The Elegant Look Of A Gold Glitter Candle

Gold has always been considered a mark of luxury, richness, and elegance. Adding a gold glitter candle to the top of a cake or a cupcake is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday or a special event.

Sizes to Consider

There are different options in these types of candles. Some are large, which are ideal for sheet cakes or tiered cakes, and work for any shape from round to rectangular or square. It is important to create a balanced look, and also to provide a cake that can support the taller and larger candles. While not heavy, they do need to have sufficient support to be firmly inserted into the cake.

Other options in gold glitter candle sizes may be much smaller. These are also a good option for a tiered cake, particularly with a smaller top tier. They can be used on cupcakes, and are a hit with kids for birthday parties. With the gold glitter, they easily match with any color frosting or icing from pastels and white to the darker colors of fondant or chocolate.

The smaller sizes of candles do not need as much support, so a cupcake or a sheet cake can easily serve as the base. At N.Y Cake the small candles, as with the larger sizes, come with a stick that is pre-set in the candle base, forming a sturdy and strong way to anchor the candle in the cake or cupcake.

Creating the Design

A Happy Birthday gold glitter candle with age in gold candles is a terrific look for anyone. Gold is a color that stands out and adds to a look of elegance and sophistication in the design. Off to the side or front and center of the design, these candles are sure to create a level of visual appeal your customers will appreciate.

At N.Y Cake, we offer a top selection of gold glitter candle options for birthdays and special events. To browse our selection, visit us online

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