The Common Mode Choke in Modern Industry

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

A common mode choke is an electrical component that functions as an inductor. An inductor is an electrical device that increases the magnitude of an electric current. It has two or more windings wherein the current flow that passes through them travels in opposite directions.

This type of inductor is not very different from common inductors. However, the term “choke” is attached since it describes the way it works: it limits or clenches the electric wire to choke off or limit quick changes of current.

How are these common mode chokes produced?
The production of this special type of electrical component is quite intricate and specialized. If the usual production process is used, it will take a lot of time before a piece of common mode choke is produced.

Fortunately, there is now a modern prototyping procedure used by electrical component manufacturers. This type of production process can limit the time involved in producing a prototype since it uses modern computer technology where lathe machines are operated using modern computers running on specialized software.

Through this technology, electrical component manufacturers are now able to produce specialized high current differential mode chokes, Output Inductors using MPP, Iron powder line filter chokes, toroidal transformers and chokes, and many more.

Why is prototyping important?
One of the advantages of using prototyping in the production of a common mode choke is the ability to minimize materials waste. Prototyping enables manufacturers to use just the right amount of materials in producing an electrical component.

Another advantage is accuracy. The size and specifications of the components produced by the prototyping method is true to its plans and specifications. Production errors are almost zero since the manufacturing process uses computer controlled machines.

The common mode choke is used commonly is modern industrialized settings. Companies that produce these components use state-of-the-art processes to ensure reliability and quality of the finished product. Prototyping, as mentioned above, is also employed to enhance the efficiency of the production process. If you need common mode choke devices, be sure to contact a manufacturer that has the experience and capabilities to deliver the end product that meets your requirements.

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