The Advantages of CNC Grinding

by | Mar 16, 2016 | Tool Grinding Service

CNC – the acronym for computer numerical control has become a part of many machining processes in manufacturing. Barely an area has remained untouched. One of the specific fields into which CNC has ventured is grinding. The technology for CNC grinding, while slower than some areas to develop, has become increasingly common. In part, this is the result of the increasingly complex components requiring grinding to finish or prepare them.

Defining CNC Grinding

CNC is the utilization of computerized programming to replace or support basic machining or other manufacturing processes. CNC grinding involves the controlling of grinding tools in a machine shop. This automated approach allows the operator to program the mechanism to perform various grinding operations. This includes, but is not restricted to

 * Surface grinding
 * Cylindrical grinding
 * Grinding of complex shapes

Overall, the technology increasingly is capable of handling a vast array of what were once manual grinding tasks.

Benefits of CNC Grinding
CNC was initially tested and installed to improve the overall production methods and productivity of a workplace. The intent of CNC grinding is to provide maximum optimization in various areas of production. Overall, computer control of grinding tools has numerous advantages and capabilities. These consist of the following:

 * Increased dimensional accuracy: CNC grinding systems are more precise do to the capability of the machine to accurately place the workpiece and the position the cutting tools exactly
 * Increased speed: With computer-controlled programming of grinders, the positioning of both the workpiece and the cutting tools is extremely fast. Overall CNC reduces feed rates and spindle times
 * Consistency: CNC grinding machines replicates the actions identically time after time producing reliable and standardized products
 * Improved productivity: As a result of the increase in production pace and accuracy
 * Multiplicity: A CNC grinder can do practically everything. It can perform OD grinding and ID grinding – in a single setup. This results in consistency and dead true faces, ODs and IDs
 * Complexity: CNC technology makes it possible to process the more complex items with greater ease , less stress and more quickly
 * Look towards the Future: CNC grinding machines are meant to handle the present needs of a machine or grinding shop, however, they are geared towards the future as well. Programming can keep pace with the demands of the industry, although, admittedly, CNC grinders will eventually require replacement or upgrading

The use of CNC grinding equipment is offering an option for many machines shops. Although the initial outlay is expensive, the overall advantages make the process cost-effective.

CNC Grinding

Today, various grinding operations from OD to ID are being done using CNC technology. While manual grinding occurs, the newer technology offers benefits for the field. CNC grinding systems allow a company the chance to provide consistently accurate products within a faster lead time while reducing overall costs to both the customer and the grinding company.

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