Tackling the Challenges of Estate Law with a Probate Lawyer in Silverdale Wa

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Law

The loss of a loved can be an extremely difficult ordeal to go through. The last thing a grieving family would want is to deal with is confusion regarding the estate. When the decedent has a living will, the estate is distributed to the individuals named on it. In the case there is no will, the state selects the beneficiaries. Whether there is a will or not, the family must do it through the process of probate. Unpaid debts are cleared first. After that, the estate is doled out to the beneficiaries. The information in the will is translated into literature understandable by the probate legal system.

A Probate Lawyer in Silverdale WA can help resolve any discrepancies with an estate. There may be reasons certain parts of the testator’s instructions are not suitable for fulfillment. When a family member makes this claim, it’s presented to the court system. A lawyer offers a great deal of help by stating the reasons estate revisions are legally acceptable. The state of mind a person was in while writing a will can make a difference of whether or not it’s valid. Certain health conditions that affect the mind can cloud judgment and reason. If the person challenging the estate can prove that with medical records, proper adjustments can be made. The testator of a will may have been easily influenced by another while in a weakened state of mind. If it’s found that another relative or friend pressured the decedent into making poor choices for the estate in pursuit of personal gain, solid proof must be established.

The services of a Probate Lawyer in Silverdale Wa can also be used to legally become the guardian of a sick family member. The person could be mentally or physically vulnerable according to a medical diagnosis. Being unable to care for oneself, a trusted person is granted guardianship to make important decisions concerning health and the estate. A spouse or other immediate family members are usually given this right first. A lawyer can help establish this title so the relative in compromised health can get the care needed at home and medically.

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