T.E.A.M. 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy in Arizona Disguises Therapy as Play

A statewide interagency system, Arizona Early Intervention Program (AZEIP), has been established by Part C of the national Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). A system of support and services, AZEIP Arizona, is provided to families of infants and toddlers who have been born with disabilities or delays in maturation. This statewide system for families of these little ones up to three years of age is known as the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AZEIP). Such an interagency system of supports and services has been established by Part C of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

With such programs as early intervention T.E.A.M. [Physical Therapy, Enrichment, Adaptation, Movement] 4 Kids Pediatric Therapy’s expert licensed therapists work with infants and toddlers who need assistance in their maturation. These children could need help with physical speech and language or feeding therapy; they might also need assistance with normal movements. Some children needing therapy may have suffered a traumatic incident or may have been involved in an accident that has affected them physically and possibly mentally. The early intervention program can certainly assist them in their efforts towards maturation. As they participate in the program, children find themselves having fun, too.

Under AZEIP Arizona, a team lead coaches and confers with parents so parents will know what they should do to encourage their children in their treatments. Although this team lead may not specialize in the area a particular child needs, they always confer with the licensed therapist and then confers with parents at the end of each session. Instructions are always given to parents about treatments for their children. Parents can consult with the child’s therapist directly, as well.

Those interested in AZEIP Arizona can make contact by texting using the hyperlink. If they wish to phone, there are three convenient locations: Surprise(623)248-3324, Peoria (623) 248-3324 and Avondale (623)259-9819.

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