Strap Chaise Lounge Chairs Enhance Any Pool Area’s Decor

Do you want to upgrade your pool area? If so, furniture can make a big difference. One of the items that homeowners often include are strap chaise lounge chairs. The chaise lounge that is upholstered for indoor living is often designed as an aluminum-made and very lightweight vinyl chair for outdoor use.

Strap Chaise Lounges

The strap-type chaise is a spin-off of the long chair known as the chaise longue in French. You might say that the patio version of the chair is a result of a merging of the daybed and the original lounge. The chaise longue was made as an upholstered sofa that was formed in the shape of a chair. Today’s strap chaise lounge chairs have evolved into lightweight and comfortable long chairs, made for the patio, at poolside, or for a deck.

A Product of Ancient Egypt and Rome

While the regular lounge has been associated with psychotherapy, the pool lounger is meant to take you away from any troubles or concerns. This original blend of the daybed and chair was first thought to originate in ancient Egypt. Early models of chaise lounges were made from rawhide or cord that wrapped around palm sticks. Later, bed makers in Egypt introduced wooden frames that were veneered with either ebony or ivory, with many of the lounges found in tombs from Egypt’s first dynasty.

The Ancient Greeks often depicted goddesses and gods lounging in what was known as a kline, similar to today’s daybed. In fact, the Greeks at the time took to reclining on couches versus sitting at a table. People beside the pool today often sip on beverages or eat. Therefore, the tradition still prevails even in current society.

The Ancient Romans also adopted a reclining long chair for use while consuming foods and drinks. The accubatio was a term that referenced eating while reclining. During Roman feasts, the regular number of persons that occupied each lounger was usually three, all of whom enjoyed their feast in a triclinium or dining room area. The Romans did not upholster their chairs but used loose covers, animal skins, and pillows when relaxing on the loungers.

Today, strap chaise lounge chairs make it easy to entertain poolside, as you can relax in them, hold a conversation, read, drink or eat. If there was ever a comfortable outdoor chair, the strap chaise lounge is the chair to choose.

Today’s strap chaise lounge chairs can also be set up with or without cushions and can be transported or stored during the winter months. Whether they are made of wood or aluminum, they make it possible for people to relax and entertain while making the most of their pool or patio area. If you want to upgrade your poolside space, then including this furniture is a first good step to take. Click here to know more!

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