Signs it’s Time for a Windshield Replacement in Katy, TX

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Auto Glass Shop

Most drivers don’t give much thought to their windshields until something goes wrong. While dirt and fog can be cleared away, damage to the glass itself must be taken seriously. Read on to find out about a few of the warning signs that it’s time for a Windshield Replacement in Katy TX.

Damage to the Driver’s Side

Small cracks can often be repaired without requiring a full windshield replacement. If these cracks are located on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, the situation is not that urgent. However, if any cracks or chips are on the driver’s side, they should be addressed immediately as they can impede the driver’s line of sight.

Large Cracks

While some small chips can be repaired, cracks that are more than two inches long typically require a full windshield replacement. Similarly, cracks that touch the windshield’s frame in more than one place cannot be successfully repaired, nor can cracks that are exceptionally deep.

Glass Haze

While most substantial windshield damage comes in the form of cracks and chips, glass haze occurs without any external sources of damage. Windshields that are treated with polyvinyl butyral, also known as PVB, can become compromised when the PVB begins to come off the glass. The result is usually a noticeable white haze that cannot be wiped away.

Internal Damage

Internal damage usually occurs due to impacts from inside of the vehicle and, unlike external damage, it cannot be repaired. To check whether the damage is internal or external, simply place a finger on the inside of the windshield where the indentation, chip, or crack appears. If there is a raised edge or dip, the damage is internal and the windshield must be replaced.

Pitted Glass

Extreme weather conditions can lead to glass pitting on the surface of the windshield and change the way light reflects off of it, making it more difficult to see. Whether this damage has occurred due to road salt, gravel, or blowing dirt, it can only be addressed via windshield replacement in Katy TX. Visit website domain for information about one local glass company that can help or call to request a quote today.

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