Save Money on Printer Ink

When you open your business, you may not realize how much money you can end up spending on office supplies. Certain items, like printer ink, can be especially draining on your budget. Here are some ways to save money on printer ink and other costly office supplies.

* Choose your vendor carefully. Choose a vendor that works with businesses, as these can often get you the best volume discounts. In addition, it’s very helpful to have a vendor that provides delivery of the supplies you purchase, as this saves you on time and gas. The more products and services your vendor can provide, the more convenient your life will be.

* Choose printers that use efficient ink. Some printer ink is more costly, and some ink is less efficient. Choose printers that help you save money on ink, not spend more than you need to.

* Consider recyclable ink cartridges. Depending upon the type of printer you choose, you may be able to recycle your ink cartridges. The credit you get when you return an empty cartridge can help offset the cost of purchasing new printer ink.

* Choose high quantity packages of printer ink. Never buy a single ink cartridge. Instead, choose ink cartridges in multi-packs. Buying multi-packs may seem like a lot of money spent up front, but you’ll save money over buying the cartridges individually, and you’ll have to order much less frequently. This helps ensure you never run out of ink.

Talk with your office supply vendor about other ways to save money on printer ink in Orange County. You may be surprised at how costly these items can be. However, when you choose the right vendor and the right ink, you may be surprised at just how much money the right choices can save you.

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