Safe Handling Of Lead Blocks For Sale

by | May 9, 2018 | Commercial & Industrial Equipment Supplier

For radiation vaults and caves, or for the lining of specific rooms or testing facilities, lead blocks are an ideal option. Smooth lead blocks for sale are a low-cost option to allow for basic walls and sides of vaults, caves and lead lined rooms.

The Benefits of Lead Bricks

In small spaces or when the configuration of the wall or lined area needs to change, these smooth blocks are an ideal match. They can be easily configured and reconfigured and, unlike the grooved or interlocking blocks, they can be used in any location regardless of the configuration of the neighboring blocks.

When purchasing lead blocks for sale, it is important to consider how the blocks will be handled and stored inventory or on the job. As lead is a dangerous material, using trained staff and taking specific safety precautions is mandatory. Exposure to the dust, fumes or vapor from lead as well as from touching lead and then eating, drinking, smoking or otherwise touching the fingers to the mouth can cause health issues with prolonged or significant exposure.

Basic Considerations

Before working with lead, always provide full training for staff on handling the materials. It is also recommended to review protocols and procedures when working with lead. Always use protective equipment including full length shirts and pants as well as gloves and respirators.

In addition, ensure all exposed skin is washed, and clothing changed before eating, smoking or drinking after handling the lead. Know how to use all emergency equipment to immediately treat any exposure to lead in the form of exposure to lead dust.

Top manufacturers of lead blocks for sale can also provide powder coating and finishes on the surface of the blocks. This is an ideal option to limit any risk of exposure while still providing the radiation protection required by the use of lead bricks and blocks.

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