Safe and Secure Confidential Paper and Document Shredding in Anaheim

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Business

As a business owner, have you hired a shredding service that you can absolutely trust? Today, every business must have a way to confidentially destroy papers that have social security numbers, addresses and family information on them. Every company that hires employees must have a means of destroying copies of applications, insurance requests, former employees and managers. There are companies in your area that offer free estimates on the costs of paper. data, and document shredding in Anaheim. Do you know that when shredding is complete, businesses receive signed certification stating that shredding of their private papers has been completed?

Since every company is different, many require specific items to be shredded. These items may be x-rays, floppy discs, cell phones, tapes, circuit boards or credit cards. Many of the shredding companies in the area use video allowing the business owner to see their items being shredded. They also offer on or off-site shredding services. If you’ve hired a shredding company right now, are you sure they are safely destroying your company’s data properly? Today, business forms, data, records, and other personal information can not be thrown haphazardly into a garbage dumpster. If you want to have your business for a long time to come, you must have every bit of other people’s personal information destroyed properly, and the best way to do that is by having it shredded.

There are regulations and privacy laws in force now. Identity theft is something real that can’t be taken lightly. Confidential information can be stolen from the person doing maintenance in the office building, to the corporate executive who has a suite of offices at the very top of it. Unscrupulous people exist everywhere, and they’re making it their business to steal everything you’ve worked for all your life. All the company that specializes in paper and document shredding in Anaheim asks, is that you “Call Us Today for a FREE Consultation & Estimate” to make sure you are protecting yourself, your employees and your business.

Have you ever wondered if your business is private enough? Do you have rules set in place ensuring all private documents are placed in the shredding bin? Have you ever heard of the “water cooler” where employees talk about things they’ve seen? If your business handles sensitive, personal documents of others, check out some of the shredding company’s websites and hire their services today.


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