RV Insurance Coverage Basics

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Insurance

Just like other vehicles on the road, an RV needs insurance to protect it, its occupants, and others out on the road. But, unlike cars and trucks, an RV often serves as a second home for those that enjoy spending time out on the open road. It is important to have a clear understanding of what RV Insurance in Vineland NJ is and what it covers.

Regular Vehicle Coverage

Just like any other vehicle parked in the garage, drivers have several different options when it comes to RV insurance. It is possible to just get liability, covering only the other person involved in a collision. However, most people prefer to have additional coverage that will help with the cost of repair or replacement of the RV. Like other vehicles, an RV must be minimally insured to be out on the road. Outside of minimal coverage, drivers can choose to add different types of coverage and work with an agent to set up their own limits and deductibles.

Protection for Items Inside

A car might have a nice sound system and maybe an important bag inside that could be tough to replace in the event of an accident. But, because an RV is set up as a part-time, or in some cases, a full-time residence, there are a lot of items that would be costly to replace. It helps to have insurance that covers all of the possessions inside the RV. While this comes at a higher cost than the regular coverage, it usually provides drivers with extra peace of mind. Just like homeowners insurance, RV insurance at M & C Insurance Agency, Inc. can protect a person’s belongings.

Roadside Assistance

If a regular vehicle runs into a problem and needs to be towed, it can be a real problem. Drivers need to contact a company and arrange for things to be taken care of until the repair can be completed. Imagine having the same problem with an RV. Many drivers extend their insurance to cover things like towing and roadside assistance. This is especially important when visiting new locations. Without anyone nearby to help or a knowledge of the local shops, it can be a real challenge to get the necessary assistance.

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