Removing Rust From An Iron Fence Moreno Valley

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Fences and Fencing

If an old, iron fence is surrounding a back yard and has rust spots on portions of it, treating corroded areas can be completed by following the steps below. Afterward, iron can be cleaned and coated with a sealer to prevent rust from forming again.


  *    drop clothso

  *    rust dissolving spray

  *    naval jelly

  *    foam brush

  *    hand held scrub brush

  *    sponge

  *    bucket of soapy water

  *    water hose

  *    rust inhibiting sealer

  *    mixing stick

  *    paint tray

  *    paintbrush (standard and narrow)

Eliminating Rust And Cleaning Iron

Drop cloths need to be laid along the ground that is adjacent to each side of an iron fence. Rust dissolving spray can be sprayed or naval jelly can be brushed onto corroded surfaces. Rust may take a few minutes to loosen from a fence’s surface. A hand held scrub brush or sponge should be moved over treated iron to remove flecks of rust. Either rust dissolving product can be reapplied if necessary.

A sponge can be used to apply a cleaning agent to each side of a fence. Spraying water directly at treated areas will remove soapy water and rust dissolving products that remain on each side of a fence. Iron needs to dry thoroughly before completing the following step.

Applying A Clear Sealer

A container of exterior sealer that contains a rust-inhibitor needs to be stirred until it is evenly blended. A paintbrush that is coated evenly with sealer should be brushed over iron surfaces in straight lines. If there are intricate details in a fence’s surface, a narrow paintbrush or foam brush can be used to cover the areas with sealer. After sealer has dried, a second coat should be added to provide iron with complete protection from rust.

Hiring A Fencing Specialist

Mesa Fence Company or another fencing company can be hired to install, repair or maintain an Iron Fence Moreno Valley. Residential, commercial and ranch fencing is sold by a fencing company. Iron, wood, vinyl and metal are some common fencing materials that are offered by a fencing company. An Iron Fence Moreno Valley can be designed according to an individual’s need to provide their property with a functional and attractive border.

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