Reducing Tuition with Medical Scholarships

Medical school is an investment in the future potential and ability to pursue a career that is always in demand. The cost of obtaining an MBBS, either in India or in another country, may make this career track difficult even for students who are academically eligible to enter the program.

One solution to this issue is to apply for various medical scholarships. With these scholarships, students must meet specific application criteria to be considered for the scholarship. In most cases, scholarships will be designated for Indian students, international students in India, or Indian students studying medicine abroad.

Most of these medical scholarships provide partial funding only, and they are specific for a given academic year. This does assist students and their families in payment for that year, but it does not necessarily apply to future years of study.

A Reduction in Tuition

Another option in medical scholarships is a reduction in tuition that is used as a scholarship. This is awarded to students in an MBBS program meeting specific criteria, such as working with a given advisory and admissions services and attending a particular university.

These types of scholarships are significant and provide students with savings of up to 40% throughout their entire MBBS program. In addition, the PG in the USA is completed at no cost to the student. During their residency (PG), students have the ability to earn a minimum of $50,000 US, which means they can quickly offset the costs of obtaining their MBBS.

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