Questions You Should Ask Your Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ

A cardiothoracic surgeon is a surgeon that specializes on surgeries involving the heart, lungs, and other chest organs. You may also go to see a cardiothoracic surgeon if you need to have a disease involving these organs diagnosed or treated. When you go to see a healthcare provider, it is important that you go prepared with questions in order to make sure that they are the right healthcare provider for you. Consider starting with these questions when you go to see a cardiothoracic surgeon.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

When you go to see a cardiothoracic surgeon in Phoenix AZ, it is important for you to ask what treatment options are available. Of these treatment options, ask which treatment the surgeon believes is best for you, and why. Some cardiothoracic conditions respond best to surgery, while medications may be better for others.

What Experience Does The Surgeon Have With Your Condition?

Some cardiothoracic surgeons have extensive experience with bypass surgery, while others primarily deal with patients who need other types of treatment. It is important for you to make sure that your physician has extensive experience in treating your specific condition.

What Type of Dietary Restrictions Will You Have?

Not all doctors recommend significant dietary changes as part of your treatment, but some may. Talk over your specific dietary needs with your surgeon to discuss how best to use nutrition as part of your healing.

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